Ever considered why like the youths of old we have to take up our stand and demand to actualize the dreams and aspirations of our forefathers when they died and bleed for us to be free. Read: We must dare to invent the future we want. The stories of life long time ago, now, in the future and beyond for the youth. Working for their rights, heath, civic engagement and the environment were have gathered many stories; like this one; a story of The Magical Homecoming

Coexistence with nature is a gift youths cannot resist. Through our projects, we have impacted positively on nature. Gold Kenya has nurtured a team of young conservationists with new stories everyday; like this brown croaking one, of a poor elderly creature believed to be somewhere near the rivers of an isolated forest at the periphery of a great mountain; a story of which the teller is not certain but can only vaguely cogitate, a story of survival for the fittest, a story of the weakest - the Irangi Puddle Frog

We appreciate all of our supporters, from individuals to governments and institutions, who choose to change the lives of the youth and their environment. With passion for nature and love for humanity; Our heartfelt Gratitude!

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